Phone GPS / SMS Management

by Alex Anderson

Version 1 (May 3, 2019)

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Phone GPS / SMS Management is a full-featured remote device control, operated entirely via SMS (no Wi-Fi or data required)

IMPORTANT: Before using this, you should change the password to control your phone. Instructions can be found in the SETUP GUIDE below.

Features include:
- Find lost device via GPS (can show the location on Google Maps).
- Remote trigger an alarm, for finding a device in the house.
- Alarm triggered on device movement (when someone picks up your phone). Can also send SMS notifications that someone touched your phone.
- Remotely lock or power off your device.
- Remotely take photos and send them back to you via MMS (yes, it works on 3G/4G without data).

Setup Guide:

The setup guide is available at

Before using this, change the default code. I'm purposely forcing you to read the setup guide at the link above. Don't be lazy - as many developers say, RTFM.

"Read the Friggin' Manual!" - Every Unix programmer ever...

Anyway...... Enjoy!