Sailforms DB Backup Template V2.5

by Mike G2

Version 1 (May 9, 2019)

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This Automate flow performs Group Backup of up to 5 Sailforms database groups. Additional groups could be added without too much difficulty.

The Premium version of Automate is required.

The user can select the groups to be backed up and whether the backup is to be deleted after Google Drive upload, and has a choice of:
- a single immediate backup, or
- a scheduled (daily) backup.

For each group a timestamped backup (.sfg) file is created in the sailforms folder and uploaded to Google Drive.

To use this flow you must first, in each Sailforms Group to be backed up:
- choose ( or create) a form to trigger the backup. Any form can be used provided it does not already have a shortcut assigned to it.
- click on the form's icon (or select Form Settings) and create a shortcut with just one command - Backup Group. This Automate flow assumes the backup file name is the same as the group name and that the "overwrite" option is chosen.

To adapt this Automate flow to your requirements you must:
- modify the initialisation of array All_Groups (block 2) to list your Sailforms Group names. If you have fewer than 5 groups then delete those not required.

- if necessary, modify the following Choice Dialog block (block 51) to indicate which of your groups are backed up by default. This is initially set to the first two, i.e. 0, 1.

- modify the Label and Start Shortcut block pairs (blocks 62 and 63 etc.) to specify for your Sailforms group names and to run your Sailforms Group backup shortcuts. If you have fewer than 5 groups you can retain the non-required blocks (they will not be accessed if not named in the All_Groups array) to allow easy future addition of more groups.

- modify the Google Drive upload (block 22) to match your Google Drive account and folder configuration.
D.A., who posted the backup-via-shortcut method on the Sailforms forum.
2.5 (2019-05-09) Added failure handling for the Google Drive upload (typically because wi-fi is unavailable at the time of upload attempt). On failure the flow (in a forked fiber) delays for one hour and tries again up to 23 times. A scheduled daily backup will not be uploaded in this circumstance, but the following days attempt will take place. A single immediate backup will be abandoned after 23 hours, but such backups would normally be monitored by the user and the problem seen and corrected.
2.4 (2019-05-05) Reorganised the blocks associated with Start Shortcut such that they are invoked using Go To and Labels instead of a sequence of Expression True blocks. Although the use of labels might be regarded as a bad thing, this arrangement greatly simplifies the addition of extra groups.

Added the option to delete the backup file from local storage after Google Drive upload.

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