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by Barrie Stephenson

Version 3 (May 12, 2019)

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🔰 I figured since most people won't pick up a pen to track their life. Since we use our phones and it literally takes 2 seconds to log your life in one file then look back and then you'll realise where you're going wrong and how it really helps.

When you download and run you'll be prompted with instructions


▪️Ability to rate your mood throughout the day
▪️Dream, Sleep and Mood logger.
▪️Journal accessibility through Notification which is always there (optional)
▪️Automatic backup of Journal + Log!! add Gmail account
▪️Easy to use
▪️If you ask your journal to remind you about something at a certain time, it will
▪️Logs your mood through the day and will ask you to rate your sleep
▪️ Helps with mood and building a routine
▪️Keyword: 'remind me' to use the reminder

Dreaming. Dreaming is far more important than people are taught.
People have logged their dreams for probably thousands of years because it reveals your true character, intentions and fears.
By recording your dreams even for a few nights and see the benfifits.

This flow MUST be run 24/7

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