by Sid Stone

Version 9 (May 20, 2019)

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The first Fully customizable voice assistant on automate.
Voice activated commands. Dynamic voice integration with multiple utterances.

Designed for use on android tv box with voice remote, but could be used on any android device.
This is uploaded for example/test purposes. I would appreciate feed back.

You will need to check all flow uri's are correct on your device.
They are listed in json under statements. Default location documents folder.
Check the statements end with the block number of the corresponding flow beginning.
For Non Premium just remove action flows to another flow and update flow uri, in json statements.

I set this up to be able to have dynamic voice commands for all my smart devices.
Utterances and new commands can be added in json file, which is created on first run.
Commands so far turn on, turn off, launch, toggle, reboot, set, close, open and take a, but you can add any utterance you wish.
You can also add a level for dimming and volume.
Statements must be the last entry in the json file.
I would list your most used commands at the top of the json file.
Delete elements of json not required and add where needed, you may also delete the comments.
there is a json editor here https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/29446
You can add any payload you wish strings, arrays and dictionaries, as long as the receiving flow is design to receive it.

Add json to make adding to dictionary commands/utterances easier. Added in V2.
Add function to toggle flows on and off. Added in V2 fixed bug in V3.
Toggle setting eg. wifi bluetooth etc. Added in V4.
Set volume level. Added in V5.
V6 small bug fix.
V7 added an json editor and a url block for editing webhook flow to work without a database.
V8 added speech responses with single or random from provided responses.
V9 added multiple different action payloads,The json editor V2 only works from V9
Add remote cloud message to allow local http requests when not home.
Add count down timer and clock functions.

Examples commands -
turn on lounge one light level 45
turn on lounge one light
turn off lounge two light
launch firefox
set volume level 25
set volume (default is what ever you set in json file currently 100)
toggle bluetooth
toggle hotspot
take a screenshot
open gmail
open lounge blind
close lounge blind
computer hello (respond with single response or random selection from provided responses)
reboot computer
toggle clipboard (must add clipboard flow uri or any flow uri you wish to toggle on/off)

The http request part is link to my database so you will need to edit it to work for you.
If you require help just ask.

Example http request url's


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