⭕Autoalexa⭕ Voice Assistant

by Sid Stone

Version 18 (July 25, 2020)

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The first Fully customizable voice assistant on Automate.
Voice activated commands. Dynamic voice integration with multiple utterances, and scenes.

For NON-PREMIUM just remove all action flows to separate flow's and update the statements flow uri's in autoalexacommands.json file.

Designed for use on android tv box with voice remote, but could be used on any android device.

You will need to check all flow uri's are correct on your device.
They are listed in autoalexacommands.json (created on first run) under statements (do not delete them).
Default location documents folder.

There are comments in json file that will give some clues as to payloads and also in flow beginning blocks of all action flows.

If you need help setting up, ask if the Automate help forum.

Actions so far - launch app, http requests, toggle flows, reboot, speak, spell, audio player, system settings, search and more.

Action examples -

Open app settings e.g. automate -
[["launch", "com.android.settings||android.settings.APPLICATION_DETAILS_SETTINGS|package:com.llamalab.automate"]],

Magic 8 ball -
[["speak", "It is certain|As I see, yes|Without a doubt|Most likely|Outlook good|Yes - definitely|Yes|You may reply on it|Signs point to yes|Reply hazy, try again|Ask again later|Better not tell you now|Cannot predict now|Don't count on it|My reply is no|My source say no|Outlook not so good|Very doubtful|100|en_GB|0|0x3|0x3"]],

Web search acton flow - https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/29854
System settings action flow - https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/29937
Interact action flow - https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/30042

Examples commands -
turn on lounge one light level 45
turn on lounge one light
turn off lounge two light
launch firefox
set volume level 25
set volume (default is what ever you set in json file, currently 100)
turn off bluetooth
turn on hotspot
take a screenshot
open gmail
open lounge blind
close lounge blind
computer hello
reboot computer
toggle clipboard
computer spell the word "say any word/s"
computer search the term "say any word/s"

The http request part is link to my database so you will need to edit it to work for you.
Example http request url's -

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