Google Drive Upload/Sync. [2.0]

by FaZe Nugget

Version 2 (May 18, 2019)

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VERSION 2.0 SON!!! 😲😲🔥🔥💯💯💯🍆⛆🍆🔥⛆🍆😤

Major-ish update to the look and feel of the flow as you go through the setup, plus i updated the "Upload Notification" so it looks fancier now [progress bar included], plus some updates to the code to pave the way for more features (like multiple folder sync and also a 2-way sync instead of it being a phone-to-cloud kinda thing) to add when i get premium (i still don't have it :p)... oh and i also added a failure catch block to prevent the whole flow from crashing during sync if the Internet goes out.


A flow that basically uploads and syncs 1 (and only 1 because otherwise it will require premium) folder (and it's contents [which includes subsequent folders]) to your Google Drive.

- Folder upload and sync to Google Drive.

- [Sync Flow]
An option in the Start Menu, only works if FRESH START flow has been run at least once. (this has been added just in case the flow failed somehow in the long run and the user doesn't want to go through the setup again).