Video Snippets Share 2.6 Premium


Version 1 (May 18, 2019)

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!!!(Not working currently, will try to fix it soon)!!!
30 Blocks
Secure (except if google gets hacked)

It takes videos, and shares them, if you find any bugs, or find a way to reduce the blocks, please tell me via the comments.
If anyone is thinking: why is the update jumping numbers?
The answer is: the number changes depending on the changes the update brings, if its a big feature, the number will jump, if not, it will proceed normally, i know, weird, but i like it that way to tell you if its worth it to update

2.6: Changed Somethings

2.5: included My all-new API to save accounts in device for different flows to use

2.0: made it possible to view the video in automate (Thanks to Danny Hpy)

Sorry I Have Stolen This App