🎶 All Music Timer 2

by Sangwang Amarapati

Version 1 (June 14, 2019)

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Stop playing music after a period of time, with extra features.

This is an extended version of my previous flow. You can download my previous flow here https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/21320

- Nice interface, independent to native Automate's UI
- [Android 4.1+] Postpone timer by 10 minutes via notification while still counting down, in case you need more time
- [Android 4.1+] Dismiss timer via notification, if you changed your mind before timer ended
- Support 11 different music players, you can choose which music player you want to control (only installed app will be displayed)
- Option to turn off WiFi after timer ended (only if screen turned off), useful when you're using WiFi speaker
- Option to pause or stop after timer
- Non premium Automate subscription (30 or less blocks)

Supported players:
- Spotify
- Podcast Addict (credit to Fran T.)
- Joox
- SoundCloud
- Google Play Music
- YouTube Music
- PowerAmp
- Default Android Music Player
- MIUI Music Player
- MX Player Pro
- ES Media Player Pro

I'm expanding supported players, but I need your help. If your player isn't in the list, please comment below.

- Measure other apps: to check whether or not a music player is installed, since no one wants to have an option that doesn't exist :)
- Access local network: to turn off WiFi after timer ended
- Access notification: to display timer control notification

Although this flow has been tested on some devices, this flow provided to you on an "as is" basis, without any kind of warranty.
Spotify, Joox, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, PowerAmp, MX Player, ES File Explorer, Podcast Addict, and MIUI are copyrighted by their respective owner.