🚁 DJI GO 4 App automate v.2

by Andrei Plamadeala

Version 1 (June 24, 2019)

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*requires ROOT & Premium Automate

What this flow does?
Once you placed a shortcut button for this flow on homescreen to launch the flow it will turn on all accessories needed for using DJI GO 4 App.

In detail it will:
- it will detect if DJI GO 4 App is in foreground
- then it will enable GPS (high accuracy)
- it will set the brightness of the screen on manual, and adjust it based on lux count ( if lux 0-5000 brightness 60%, 5-10k lux brightness 80%, 10-20k lux brightness 90%, 20-35k lux direct sunlight brightness 100%), adjustment every 15 seconds
- turn multimedia volume to 75% for DJI app notifications
- only charges battery when bellow 50%, and only up to 80% so at first/second flight you don't waste your controller battery charging your phone which probably will be 100% full.

Once you close the DJI App the flow will automatically:
- disable GPS
- set the screen brightness to Auto
- it will restore normal charging
- the flow will STOP with a voice notification at 50% volume
- media volume will be set to 10%

Ho to use this flow:
- place a shortcut button near DJI App icon
- connect the phone to remote controller
- unlock the phone and tap once the start shortcut button placed on homescreen earlier to start the flow, you will see a GEAR icon in notifications that will let you know that a flow is running
- turn on the controller, then the DJI App will start automatically and flow will begin to run

If you accidentally close the DJI app just restart the flow with shortcut button again and open manually the DJI app.

Tested with: OnePlus 5T (root) and Mavic 2 Pro.

Comments on how to improve are welcome.

Enjoy :)

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