Make your lost phone Scream & Shake!

by Ravi Kumar

Version 2 (July 9, 2019)

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(Modified version of "Remove silent mode via sms")

*This Flow has been flagged as a copy, even though the original Flow was designed differently and lacked the blocks that saved time and trouble. I fail to see the purpose of "Flagging" a Flow as a copy, when there are several (if not hundreds), of Flows designed for the exact same purpose!
So @Salah if you could explain please? Or remove your Flagged rating ~_~ please.

Can't find your phone? Phone on silent? No problem, just send an SMS containing "wakeup" (without quotes). Your Phone will now "Scream & Shake"!

Designed to allow you to find the phone FAST with just a text! There are 3 more blocks than the original flow, but this system does not require you to keep calling your phone. Feel free to modify phone's response when the desired message is received, as well as the Alarm Label.

Previous work done by-
(credits : Ferdi Kramer)
(credits : Elshad Safibayov)

Current version-
(credits : @WitWGARA | Ravi V. Kumar | DARGON | TheGoodSith)

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