App Lockdown/Limiter Program

by Joseph Rector

Version 3 (February 10, 2016)

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This program let's you limit access of your phone to one application until a passcode is verified.

When you first launch it, it'll attempt to load a stored Passcode, if it fails to find one it'll ask if you want to set a passcode. After setting a passcode it'll ask if you want to Lockdown an app (if you are just starting it to set a passcode click no).

If you proceed to lock an app or you've started the program and it's Detected a passcode, it'll popup a notification. At this point you're to navigate to the application you want to limit access to than go and tap on the notification.

Once an application is in Lockdown, if someone tries to navigate away a popup will appear asking for the Passcode. If the app is dismissed, the wrong Passcode is put in, or 10 secs. pass, the program will force the locked app to appear.

You are able to change your Passcode by attempting to lock the 'Automate' Application.

Prompts and toast notifications are in place every step of the way to make using the app simple enough to use that all you have to do is remember your Passcode!!!

This is the first flow I've made on Automate that I decided to share on the community. If I receive good reviews and people like this flow I might post some of my other flows. I may even take suggestions of flows I should create.

Lastly the way the flow is put together makes it perfect for turning it into a home screen icon and activating it that way.

Have a good day!

Please comment and report any issues you may have!

Update: Added a small delay so Passcode window wouldn't instantly be cleared by pressing the home screen button as requested by comment...

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