Aliens SMART Keyboard per app

by Matthew Sawyer

Version 1 (June 30, 2019)

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(For Android 6+) Adds a notification tile/quick settings tile to increase screen timeout to 1hr so that the display doesn't turn off. Press the notification tile/quick settings tile again or tap on the notification or turn off the display to go back to normal state.

šŸ“£ Change log:
Version 2: šŸž Fixed resetting of screen timeout to previous value.
Version 1: ā­ First release.

āš™ļø Setup:

Android 7+
A tile must be added before it can be used. Expand the status bar and tap theĀ EDITĀ or ā€œpenā€ button, then drag to add one or more of the Automate tiles.

Android 6
Not officially supported but may be enabled with the experimentalĀ System UI Tuner, if available. All tiles must be added before they can be used:

1. Open theĀ System UI Tuner settings, or long-click the ā€œcogā€ icon atop of the expanded status bar.
2. Open theĀ Quick SettingsĀ screen
3. ClickĀ Add tileĀ at the bottom
4. ChooseĀ Broadcast Tile
5. Write or pasteĀ 
then clickĀ OK.
6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 forĀ 
com.llamalab.automate.tile.Automate2 andĀ com.llamalab.automate.tile.Automate3

CyanogenMod 12.1+
No setup required, tiles are added dynamically.