📢📩 WhatsApp - Speak Notification [HS]

by Hub Space

Version 11 (October 17, 2016)

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Deprecated, new flow available http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/7613!
Speak any notification from WhatsApp and display chat. Must have for your driving mode.

You need to start one of the main fibers:
00 Main will check your device sensors. The intention is to detect if the device is in your hand. For me it makes no sense to read notifications when the device is in my hand. So it will not speak it.
01 Main Will not check anything and immediately speak the notification.
02 Main will speak the name of the sender and wait for a confirmation to read the message loudly.
03 Main combine 00 and 02 Main, so the flow checks the sensors and need a confirmation before it reads anything.

To test the flow you could start the 10 Receive Test Message fiber to simulate a new incoming WhatsApp message.

The queue fibers(Enqueue, Dequeue) should not used for manual start.

Fiber 99 will check for a new version.

- Version 8 read message without needing to clear notification. Additionally, multiple incoming messages will added to a queue and spoken after each other.
- Version 9 misunderstood q&s blocks, now fixed
- Version 10, @Marco: after 2 Months I have managed to implement an option to confirm or abort reading... Next is the sms flow
- Version 11 tell you that you need a running main to insert a test message
Well I've noticed that one of the previous versions apply to the wrong version in my storage, which was on hold... However, I think since version 10 the flow also includes the pause/start/stop notification. This feature was planned to be restricted for the next upgrade for reply integration. nvm


- Reply a text or voice message

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Have a look on my other flows. Search for '[HS]'.

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