Call notifier (Lite) 📲📲

by Atom

Version 1 (July 8, 2019)

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To give advise of an incoming call in one notifier device to multiple notified devices using an internet connection.

1. Start the notifier fiber in the device where the incoming calls will be processed.
2. Start the notified fiber in the devices where you want to receive notification and pick the preferred ringtone.
Note: choose the same account name in each notifier-notified groups.

* A single device should not serve both function with the same account name (in order to avoid UI interferences in the device receiving the incoming calls). Knowing the device brand and model with a general approach will the solution to this problem.
* Unable to know the phone number receiving the incoming call.
* It only works when internet access is present in the devices.

I have two smartphones, but only one active mobile carrier. Sometimes I don't have the device with the active line nearby (at home), but I carry the other one. Then, when I receive an incoming call, I can listen to it on the cell phone I carry and run to answer the call on the appropriate device.

Feel free to modify the flow and tell me how you improve it.😉