KillSwitch (personal alarm for the Paranoid)

by Niels Triple

Version 1 (July 14, 2019)

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Build: 201907141225
Premium flow, no root required.

Paranoid much?
This flow can be used as a personal alarm, or a way to execute certain actions when triggered. Comes with a nice and easy user interface.

Action: Sound an alarm.
Action: Send an SMS with your location.
Action: Send an email with attachement.
Action: Delete file(s) and or folder(s)
At least one action must be selected.

Hardwired trigger: Hold a volumebutton for 6 seconds to arm (until you feel a steady heartbeat), release to execute actions (dead man's switch).
Optional trigger: Daily proof of life, where your actions will be executed when you miss your daily check-in.
Optional trigger: Remote activaton by SMS, where your actions will be executed when you receive a hotword via SMS.

When one of the triggers gets triggered, a 5 second countdown will start.
If the abortcode isn't entered before it reaches zero, your planned actions will start and/or an alarm will sound until the abortcode is entered. Only the alarm can be stopped by entering your abortcode.

This will:
- download 2 alarmsound mp3's (100kb).
- create a folder (/Automate/Killswitch) to place the mp3's.

Build: 201907141225 it's live!

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