Secure copy

by BenoƮt Favreau

Version 2 (July 16, 2019)

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Your clipboard is not secure: any app can easily read it, without specific permission. For example, you can read it with Automate with the "Clipboard Get" block ; in the same way, browsers like Chrome read your clipboard and if it looks like an URL, propose you to open it.

With this flow, you can quickly copy and paste text without using the clipboard:
- select yout text
- on the popup, do not click "copy" but select "Automate flow" and then "Securely copy this"
- a notification is shown. Click on it in order to paste the text. The content of this clipboard is erased as soon as you paste it. Cancel the notification if you want to erase this copied text.

- you cannot paste in the Automate app (and in Automate flows), due to Automate own security which forbids "Interact" block to interact with Automate (for more information, look at the description of the "Interact" block)
- this flow is secure since data remains in Automate process memory (RAM), and the OS prevents any process to read memory of any other one.

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