UE Auto Clicker


Version 1 (July 23, 2019)

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After you started the Flow you will be asked:

1. Randomness

You can choose between clicking in the center or clicking random in and around the center.
X = 50% ± random(0-10)%
Y = 50% ± random(0-7)%

2. Modes to Start the Autoclicker

Posts a notification that can be clicked to start the autoclicker after 2 seconds delay.

If the button is released the autoclicker will start after 2 second.
Button-Mode uses by default the camera-button!
If you want to change the button, go into the flow and edit the "Key pressed"-block.

Process/Flow can be stopped through the notification bar so that you don't have to stop it through the automate app.

UE Auto Clicker will not automatically refill Stam or Energy and will have to be done manually. The same goes for healing, tapping anywhere on the screen will stop the UE Auto Clicker thus allowing you to heal manually.
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