📬 Sharer - share your application/file via Gmail

by Tim Neubauer

Version 2 (March 19, 2016)

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With Sharer you can share every file [e.g. an application (.apk), a video (.mp4) or music (.mp3)] on your smartphone or tablet via your Gmail!

The process of sending your Gmail takes its time. The faster your Internet connection is and the smaller the file is the faster it will be send.

The application which you have send is very often named 'base.apk' - do not worry this is the right one.

Google allows the user to send files with the size of just up to 20MB. The flow will crash if you try to send a bigger file.

If you can not download or start the flow you maybe need to be an alpha tester. For more information go to the official Google+ site of Automate.

-Version 1 - March 14th, 2016
---Release of Sharer
---you can send a file via Gmail

-Version 2 - March 19th, 2016
---you can send an application via Gmail

-send a personal message
-send multiple files or/and applications at once

Do not forget to share your opinion on my flow. If you see something that should be improved just tell me.
I hope you like it,
Jan from Berlin