Assistant for Go-Tcha or Go Plus (NO PREMIUM)

by Manu

Version 2 (August 18, 2019)

Download (553 downloads)

NON-PREMIUM EDITION of "Assistant for Go-Tcha and Go Plus".
Official version:

This flow will automatically reconnect gotcha. It always taps on the go plus symbol if it disconnects, so gotcha will never stop working.
If the phone is turned off or the app is not in the foreground, it will play a sound.

IMPORTANT: Before starting the first time, go in the flowchart and tap the 3 dots top right.
With "Go to",

-search the block ID 101. Did you find a "Bluetooth device connected?" block? If yes, tap "Pick device", then choose "Pokemon Go Plus".

-set your favorite sound (107) by selecting "Sound URI"

Do you have any questions, ideas or maybe found a bug? Please contact me on reddit (r/-------) or rate the flow.