PopCorn Machine 3000 [🇺🇸English version]

by Šebestík - Šebestíkovec

Version 1 (August 1, 2019)

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Hello, I am Šebestík and I am bring to you a new project!

🚫Non-free version (46 blocks)
🆓I am working on a free version, so I can't test it, you can send me a bugs by the format downwards on my email: sebestaad@gmail.com
⚠One privilegium
If you want to do an Lite version, you can send me your free version flow ON MY EMAIL! NO COPIES OR EDITS ISN'T ALLOWED! ONLY THE EMAIL FLOWS CAN BE ALLOWED, BUT ONLY I CAN UPLOAD AN LITE VERSION!
How to use:
It was simplified by messages, so you can't lose with them, but... for dummies:
1. Introduction
1. a) It will introduce you to the flow
2. Oil check, Corn status & Popcorn status
2. 1a) It will check the oil status
2. 1b) If you haven't enough oil, it will ask you for the refill
2. 2a) It will check storage for corns, at start you will have 200 corns
2. 3a) After corn check, it will check the popcorn status
3. Machine start
3. a) It will ask you, if you want to start the machine
Updates corner:
1.0 Project enable
1.1 Added links to another version of flow

Another languages:
[🇨🇿Czech version] https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/30927
[🇺🇸English version] You are looking at this version, dummy. 😂
[🇩🇪Germany version] https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/30928
Email Format:
There is some bug on block {block}, there is an {what's wrong or missing} instead of {what I must do for more happening}. [link of the flow block]
Lite version suggestion:
(Attachment: {flow file})
I have an suggest on lite version.
I am remove {what are you remove}.
My discord name:
{required argument} | [optional argument]
Note: I am not good at English. If you have any language issues, don't worry and write me it on mail as an bug.
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