Bluetooth Volume Manager

by Fran T

Version 13 (May 30, 2021)

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Saves the Music, Bluetooth, Accessibility, Notification, System, and Voice Call volume levels for each Bluetooth device and restores them to the last level you set the next time the device connects. The original levels on your phone are then restored when the Bluetooth device disconnects. This flow is convenient for Samsung phones, which sometimes leave the device muted after disconnecting from Bluetooth devices.

A notification shows the Bluetooth device's volume settings. The notification automatically times out, or you can tap its button to pin it for extended viewing.

o Fixed threading issues when saving volume levels
o Added flows to reset, and to view current and managed volume levels; added smart notification to view updated volume levels; bug fixes; large refactor
o Improved tracking of host device volume
o Properly ignore non-audio Bluetooth devices (such as Wear accessories)
o Resetting the managed volumes now stops the Manager flow if it's running
o Improved notification functionality
o Added Notification and System to tracked sound sources for Samsung
o Added support to restore muted sound sources on Samsung devices