🔥PoGo + Calcy IV QuickName

by Rob Heavey

Version 2 (July 31, 2019)

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Makes renaming your Pokémon a breeze!

*** Must have Calcy IV installed and running first! ***

Swipes through Pokémon and renames them based on a quick scan with an estimate of the IVs.

Pro Tip: Appraise in Pokemon Go and scan them with Calcy IV first, then you will have precise IVs to use for renaming with this flow! If you'd like to do this automatically, use my other flow, "🔥PoGo + Calcy IV Appraisal Scan".

Created to work on a Samsung Note 9, but hopefully the screen positions scale correctly for different phones.

UPDATE: Calcy IV Button can be located anywhere in the upper 50% of the screen, exact location isn't important, it just needs to be out of the way of the swipe gesture to switch to the next Pokémon.

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