🔥PoGo + Calcy IV Appraisal Scan

by Rob Heavey

Version 2 (July 31, 2019)

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Appraises and scans your Pokémon at lightning speed!

*** Must have Calcy IV installed and running first! ***

Opens the Pokemon Go appraisal dialogue, then swipes through Pokémon and scans their IVs with Calcy IV.

Once you have scanned your Pokémon, you can use my other flow, "🔥PoGo + Calcy IV QuickName" to rename them automatically.

Created to work on a Samsung Note 9, but hopefully the screen positions scale correctly for different phones.

UPDATE: Calcy IV Button can be located anywhere in the upper 50% of the screen, exact location isn't important, it just needs to be out of the way of the arrows on the appraisal screen.