Switch to next/previous song by volume up/down key

by Alex Chudinov

Version 2 (November 12, 2019)

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There's a few flows enabling you to switch tracks back and forth by DOUBLE clicking volume down/up buttons but some of them can't work with the turned off display or just don't respond when you reach min/max sound level..

I've built it for my own trying not to have these glitches and keeping it yet fast and stable.

So far:
- it works both with the turned on/off screen
- the flow handles volume buttons clicks at all volume range
- no tracks will be skipped by sliding the on-screen volume with your finger
- the flow has configurable options to adapt to the speed of clicking the volume buttons (you'll see a short wizard with a bit more config options after launching the flow)

Also, you won't hurt me by leaving your feedback here ;)

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