Nexus7 In dash car FI flow V2.01

by Bogdan Gabriel

Version 2 (August 21, 2019)

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Requires ROOT & premium.

Flow for Nexus 7 fixed install in my E46. Reworked version with reworked flow logic. It's meant to be triggered by on ignition power supply connect/disconnect as follows:

•Ignition ON:
> wake device if asleep (in trial, wakeup/sleep events are meant to be managed by Timurs kernel)
> turn off battery saver
> Check radios -AP mode OFF + gps, wifi, bt ON
> set DND mode to off > set volumes to 80%
> set screen brightness to full+auto
> run torque logging on OBD connection
> start HUR on wifi connection to phone hotspot.

•Ignition OFF:
> disable radios (gps, wifi, bt OFF + AP mode on)
> enable battery saver
> set brightness to min + disable auto brightness
> set all volumes to 0 and enable DND mode
> greenify / kill all active and background apps
> enable doze (Naptime deep sleep)

New: Added connectivity flow to manage BT, WF, Night mode

I am novice with this so please no critics. Any help/advice in creating this would be much appreciated