☁️ Cloud Group Chat

by Himi

Version 1 (August 16, 2019)

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Cloud message based on Google cloud messaging ( Peer-to-Peer )

✅ Server is currently Active ✅
To Run your own signaling server, check other flows.

1. Confirm Signaling Email Address
2. Choose Google Email (Public)
3. Choose Username
4. Wait to connect to Signaling Server
5. Enter chat

* Select Users to view all users, the. Select a user to send private message
* select Send message to send to All
* Refresh when the phone vibrates
* Chat will refresh every 1 minutes
* Toast will show if a user joined or left, refresh to see the effect

This flow will NOT run without a proper Signaling Server(flow)

Note: Your email will be public, for anyone that signals the Signal Server.

This flow contains alot of bugs and will be updates as soon as discovered.

There is no chat history, however other users can change the flow to save a log, also for testing purposes messages will be logged in automate log.

💯Group Chat Idea by: Gosha Veselov👍

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