TCP message transfer

by Qwerty Cat

Version 1 (September 8, 2019)

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This flow shows how to transfer TCP message between local and remote flow.

- trigger flow to run in remote device by sending message through TCP even when offline(through hotspot or usb cable). This will be useful when cloud messaging is not available

Require 3rd party apps

How to set up:
1. Install server app:
2. Install sender app:
3. Download flow on local and remote device. Then connect both devices to same network such as WiFi or Hotspot.
4. Launch server app on both devices and switch back to Automate.
5. Start local IP flows on both devices. You should remember those IP addresses.
6. Start respond flow on remote device. Then type in local device IP. This flow waits for message and respond it.
7. Start receive flow on local device. This flow alerts you when message comes from remote device.
8. Start send flow on your local device. Then type in remote device IP. This flow sends message to remote device.
9. Remote device will show message 'hello'. Then when you dismiss the message local device will show message 'hello back'.

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