Auto Shutdown by 3hr idle ROOT V8

by KN Reddy

Version 17 (September 5, 2021)

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Once started, it starts itself on every boot, on its own and shut down the Tablet (or Phone ) is idle by 3 hours but it will reset itself if the screen is on by 11 minutes or charger is connected or Google Music Player or Music Folder Player premium or Power Amp Player is at "foreground" i.e. not at background or notification (it works as expected). Pl allow root permissive or super user permissives (if not asked, we have to give by manually by going to superuser or Magisk app settings) and any other authorisations as requested at settings when asked. If required restart phone. Version 8 is working on Android 8.0 (CAUTION : Do not reduce idle time very low like 10 sec , in this case you may not get time to enter phone to stop Automate).

Further at app menu (3 vertical dots at RHS top) select Run on start up.
This version is rigorously tested and is working as intended.If stopped due to any reason , start the flow at the app.

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