Boot on Start Auto Shutdown (Root) v5

by KN Reddy

Version 5 (September 11, 2019)

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Once started, it starts itself on every boot, on its own and shut down the idle Tablet (or Phone ) after 2 hours. Pl allow root permissive or super user permissives (if not asked manually we have to give by going to superuser or Magisk app settings) and other authorisations change settings , administration when asked. Version 5 working on Android 8.0 (CAUTION : Do not reduce idle time very low like 10 sec , in this case you may not get time to enter phone to stop it). Further at app settings (3 vertical dots at RHS top) select Run on start up.
Version 4 on words it is fully working. If stopped due to any reason , start the flow at the app.

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