Auto delete Whatsapp Backup [Arsenic]

by Aalok Sathe

Version 1 (March 27, 2016)

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WhatsApp creates a daily backup of all your chats and repeats the procedure daily. It keeps up to 5 backups from 5 days ago and deletes the rest. But that's still a lot. Considering an average user, this will consume 700Mb-1.2Gb of your internal memory and is annoying for those devices without an external SD card that some app should use up your storage.

This flow will check to see if WhatsApp has created a backup in the recent past and automatically delete it.

If you want to migrate to another device or reinstall WhatsApp for some reason, you should temporarily stop this flow one day prior so you have 1 day worth of backups that can be restored. After restoration simply start this flow again.

Hope you find it useful as I did, for my own purpose.

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