Example of a Time Delay (Advanced)

by Robert K.

Version 1 (September 18, 2019)

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This flow shows a possible example of how a condition can be checked regularly over a period of time.
In this example, after the Bluetooth has been switched on, it is switched off again after a variable time. If the Bluetooth is already switched off manually during this time, the timer stops and get restarted the next time the Bluetooth is switched on.

This flow is the detailed or extended function of a time delay (a Timer)

Start with "Set Counter" and set your desired time at the first pop-up, after which the Bluetooth should be switched off again (in minutes). After that you determine in the second pop-up at which intervals you want to check whether the condition still applies or not (in seconds).
After the values have been entered, a counter value appears in the log file indicating how many cycles the timer has to run until the Bluetooth is switched off.
While the flow is running, the current progress is documented in the log file.