Dis-/connect BT device by icon in quick settings

by Alex Chudinov

Version 3 (September 27, 2019)

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This flow allows you to connect/disconnect your bluetooth (BT) device (e.g. airPods) by just tapping an icon (called tile) in the quick settings bar (where you see standard wi-fi, torch, mobile data, etc. switchers).

In fact, this can be handy if you have to connect/disconnect something quite often (like in my case with airPods as I use it with both my laptop and under android).

Anyway, the flow has been built to support not only airPods but basically any kind of BT devices and as many devices as many free tiles you have.

As usual, there's no need to dive into the blocks until you decide to change the tile icon/label.

Comments, feedbacks are appreciated! But if you experience issues, please mention at least your android version.


Sep, 20
Improvement: added a comment on adding a tile under android 6.x to the wizard (visible when running the flow for the 1st time). Thanks to Ian Benson!

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