🔊 Auto Adjust Ringtone Level at Work and Home

by C Mateus (cmateustech)

Version 1 (February 20, 2016)

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It changes ring tone and notification volumes during work hours (week days), and then sees if you are actually at work or not, then changes again for quiet home hours, and again sees if you are actually at home or not.

Before first use please edit the cell towers blocks so that the flow can know if you are at home or work.

Edit volume levels to suit your needs, as well as time windows.

Change delay blocks if needed.

Add more blocks after ring tone and notification if you would like to change other phone settings when at home or at work.

Review and Rate so I can learn and improve!

EDIT version 3:
I got tired of messages popping on screen telling me if I am away from home, etc. I added them so that I could check if all network cells are added (it could assume I am not home/work when I am, and it is easy to read on screen and know something is wrong).
I replaced the screen messages with log inputs, so now I can see on the log if all is working well. Otherwise the phone will do its thing without telling me.

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