📲 Fijar alarma matutina

by Ernesto Garrido Godes

Version 1 (October 2, 2019)

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Reads a specified repeating event from calendar at a specified time daily (23.55 PM) and sets an alarm to sound 0 minutes before the event if an event with the search title is found on the schedule for the following day. Update the "has event" calendar object in the flow to match your desired event and optionally specify a calendar (by default all calendars will be searched). Flow is set so the alarm will sound 0 minutes before event start time but can be customized by changing the "var AlarmOffsetMinutes" object with the desired number of minutes. Test once before using as an alarm to make sure the correct alarm app is used for the flow otherwise the flow may hang on add alarm until a default alarm app is selected. Optionally update the "time await" object keeping in mind that typically the time to run the script must be later than the add alarm time otherwise the alarm will sound on the current day instead of the following day. Also, keep in mind that the calendar event is case sensitive. If needed, use an asterisk in the event title of the "has event" object for wild card searches.

* * * Created by Pete Glass * * *