by Maxwell Olszak

Version 4 (September 14, 2020)

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By elrod16

NOTE: Make sure "enforce native installer" is disabled in Aurora Store and/or Aurora Droid for best operation.

-Quick fix for ROMs that don't put the installer buttons in all caps.
-Runs in one fiber now and is more reliable when autoclicking Uninstall dialog boxes.
-improved handling of uninstalls
I made this flow because I got tired of having to manually confirm every app in Aurora Droid and Aurora Store, especially after hitting "Update All". This flow eliminates any need for user interaction making the "Update All" option work like the one in the Play Store.
Automates the package installer for all app install methods outside of the Play Store. It also auto-confirms when uninstalling apps. It isn't visible and it monitors from the background so all you have to do is download it, run it, and forget it. You'll never have to interact with it again. Does its own error recovery. When in the background it "passively" waits, it doesn't waste system resources.
WARNING: Only install apps from trusted sources because you won't have any chance to review and cancel when this is running.
NOTE: The redundant logic paths are part of the error recovery system. The split second delays are necessary to prevent Automate from automatically terminating the flow because of its infinite loop structure.

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