📧 Verify Mail V.1.04 📧 - CLIENT

by Airblow Team

Version 5 (October 6, 2019)

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1) If you haven't VMServer, do not edit standard server code!! (It's official VMServer)
2) Official VMServer can be powered off!! And please use your own VMServer in your flows!! (To change server code, replace value in variable "host" in "base64Decode" function to your server code.)


Verify Mail flow - client.
Edited by me (original servers are in maintenance, and I am edited his flow and created server flow).

Based on:
-📧 Verify Mail 📧 - V.0.0.1 by Charlito33


V.1.00 - Unital version
V.1.01 - Now code has sixteen numbers.
V.1.02 - Edited notes and optimizated.
V.1.03 - Added email sending
V.1.04 - Added server testing.