Phone Location Updater | Spam Caller Identifier 🆔

by Vortech Audio

Version 2 (July 16, 2020)

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Lost your phone? Wanna know where it is? This flow will do the work for you!

Just start the flow before going out or whenever you want. It will send you location updates from your phone automatically. Even if it's stolen, no worries! You'll get the exact location.

Delay: 30 minutes (on each update)

- Latitude
- Longitude
- Altitude
- Speed of travel
- Accuracy
- Provider

But make sure you keep your mobile data on, lol.

Note: You just need to do 1 edit. Go to the flow; In the gmail section, just select your gmail account from which you want to send and the account on which you wanna receive.

That's all. You're prepared 😎

Not updated your phone location in a while? Wanna know where you last were?

This will tell you. It will get the coordinates of your last location and copy it for you. Next it will take you to Google Maps. Then all you have to do is paste into Google Maps!

Get a spam call? Wanna know who it is? The flow will tell you. Just enter the phone number and it will copy it, and take you to the app. Paste the phone number into the search section, and you will get detailed info such as:

Full name
Business location
Home location
Possible photos
Line type
Social Profiles
And much more!

You must download Truthfinder Reverse Phone Number Lookup Premium* from the app store for this to work.

*You don't have to pay for the app even though it says premium. If I had to recommend a premium spam blocker app, I would say get Robokiller. The app keeps spammers annoyed for HOURS. it's so hilarious. And if you miss the call? No worries, it records their awesome reactions!