NoizeMaker PREMIUM (online privacy tool)

by Niels Triple

Version 7 (October 22, 2019)

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Premium, no root required.

Hide what you're actually looking at online!

• This tool will generate lots and lots of random HTTP requests, while emulating your browser of choise, so that your actual browsing habits get lost in the noize:
• Your ISP, VPN provider, landlord or employer (network owners), or any agency monitoring your online browsing, will get a list mileslong: Containing 99,99% bullshit, making monitoring you a very long, painfull and useless process.

This flow can emulate HTTP requests from the following browsers:
• Android Browser,
• BlackBerry Browser,
• Chrome Mobile,
• Dolphin Browser,
• Edge Mobile,
• Firefox for Android,
• IE Mobile,
• MIUI Browser,
• Opera Mobile (Blink),
• Opera Mobile (Presto),
• Puffin for Android,
• Samsung Browser,
• UC Browser,
• Yandex Browser

Difference between premium and non-premium:
• Premium also has two AutoStart functions, which either lets you select a browser, and starts making noize when that browser is in the foreground, or lets you start making noize whenever connected to WI-FI.
• Premium has Atomics. Couldn't fit that into the non-premium.
• Due to lack of blocks, I can only update the algorithm for the Premium one.
• Premium has additional headers, like DNT (Do-Not-Track), and a NSFW filter.

Yes, I am this paranoid.
Yes, you should be too.

Notes on randomness:
• The longer you make noize before you do what you need to do, the more random the HTTP requests get.
• I made sure not everything is random, there are also some reoccurring requests.

Notes on privacy:
• This will not hide your IP.
• This will not hide torrent use.
• Every HTTP request is sent with a Do-Not-Track request.
• Safe Search is always active, and an additional porn/curseword-related-keyword filter is built in.

Current build:
201910230030 final tweaks
201910181605 increased randomness, plus some final tweaks.
201910171030 added Stop Button in notification, and better error handling. Failrate now below 1%.
201910161605 algorithm update, included a NSFW filter, fixed 90% of failed http requests.
201910122030 algorithm update (stable).
201910081200 algorithm update.
201910061200 it's live!

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