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by Hub Space

Version 15 (April 28, 2016)

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Very Powerfull! Handle different types of location. Turn off audio if close to a stored work location. Turn on WiFi if close to a stored home location.
Location will be picked on a map and saved to phone storage. Infinity amount of locations are possible. Each Location get a separate fiber.

As requested Version 10 allows to set custom volume level for each location.
Version 11 has changes in wlanautooff flow and comes with an additional location type for undefined locations.
Version 12 add an unique id to all locations and handle running location fibers dynamically. In detail, a single location fiber will restart automatically after edit the location or stop after delete the location.
When start the main flow, all location fibers will restart.
Version 13: Missed in v12 to add uid for new location...

-WLANAUTOOFF sometimes won't stop(unusual)
-Location at block comes with unforeseen behavior at worse gps connection(sometimes)
-When switching between users on your device the flows get resumed. In an undefined case the notification about the current location shown twice(unusual)

- More modularity. Similar to my car flow I will add the possibility to add Flow starts and stops. That will bring the bester individual performance.

The flow is already very oversized to manage within this app. While moving through the flowchart it is always lagging like hell.
I miss the possibilities in debugging to prevent bugs. It is impossible for me to detect everything. Therefore I need you to report bugs.

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Have a look on my other flows. Search for '[HS]'.

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