Dead apps watcher

by Benoit Favreau

Version 2 (October 13, 2019)

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Update 2019-10-13: bug fix

Watch app notifications and warn you if an app is silent for a certains amount of time. Useful in order to detect if an app has been stopped by your system.
Apps are often killed when they remain in background for too long.

You can watch any app you want, just add them to a variable of the flow (see below for more details).

- 20 blocks (-> no premium required), down to 14 blocks if you remove the second starting point and a Log
- no forks
- it is recommended to disable logs!

In block #27 you can add as many packages you wish: just append them to variable "apps_notif". You don't need to update any other variable.
A second starting point (called "Find a package") is provided in order to find the package of an app.

"apps_notif" is a dictionnary which, for each app, stores an array of length 2 containing the number of hours after which the app is considered dead if it did not post any notification and the last date at which the app posted a notification.

Verification of dead apps is performed each time a new notification appears, or every 10 minutes (block #41).