[ROOT] Scheduled TWRP Backups

by David Weeks

Version 4 (February 25, 2016)

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Why would you want to back up regularly? Because you might (un)install apps, or change settings, or make other changes to apps every day. All that data is saved to the /data and /cache partitions, so having a current backup saves a lot of hassle if you ever need to restore after a clean wipe.

Requires Android 4.1+ and root permission.

Works with TWRP and any other custom recovery that uses openrecoveryscript.

You will need to know the directory TWRP stores backups in, as it varies from device to device.

This flow will reboot to recovery and backup your /data and/or /cache partitions with compression enabled at a time on days of the week that you choose, after a 10 minute delay to allow you the opportunity to cancel.

For the backup to begin, battery must be above 50% OR plugged in to AC power (wall adapter). If neither of these conditions is met, you will get a notification with three options:

▪ ️cancel: skips this backup

▪️ override: backs up immediately. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH POWER FOR THIS

▪ wait for plug: will begin backup once AC power is connected