[Quick Tile] - Enable/Disable secondary SIM

by luckmax

Version 7 (December 10, 2019)

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- [Created for Xiaomi Mi MIX2S] -
The deactivation/activation code was created based on this device parameters to locate sim slot. Other devices could need other code locations.
Maybe other devices are compatible, but I'm not sure which of them.

- [Changelog] -
-Some enhances on reboot.
-Button starts as disabled.
-Better look of toast notification.

V6: Now your SIM remains as you left before rebooting. So if it was activated, it will stay activated. And if was disabled, it will deactivate a few seconds after boot.
V5: Fixed forever and added toast notification.
V3&V4: Tried to enhance behavior on system boot.
V2: fixed state mismatch at boot.
V1: Starting the app

- [Description] -
This app shows a quick tile that simply enables/disables the secondary SIM slot. Works as you were using a wifi toggle.
You have to got secondary SIM activated (in android settings) to get this app working.

After rebooting your device, secondary SIM will be always ON by default.
So when boot completed (a few seconds), secondary SIM will be automatically disabled by this app (if it was disabled on last session) and will show the button tile.

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