Sleep As Android Mi Band : Away From Band

by Adjie Satryo

Version 1 (November 16, 2019)

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[Part of Smart Sleep Monitor flows]

This flow will control Sleep Monitor in Sleep as Android App. Usually, if your band disconnected with phone when Sleep As Android sleep Monitor running (for example, if you leave your phone in bed and you're going to somewhere (kitchen) in the middle of the night), you will get incorect sleep phase. By stopping sleep monitor every time the band is disconnected, you wouldn't face this problems anymore, at least in theory.

1. Automate
2. Sleep As Android
3. Notify and Fitness for Mi Band

1. In Sleep As Android: Turn On Tasker Plug-in
2. In Notify and Fitness for Mi Band: Turn On Sleep As Android Plug-in
3. Run This Flow

It's just a simple flow, the Idea is create music player based on our mood.

If you can make an android app, interested with this kind of Idea, or have any other idea, please contact me. Let's discuss any idea and spread across the world!