Sleep As Android Mi Band :24h Tracking Fell asleep

by Adjie Satryo

Version 4 (November 21, 2019)

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[Part of Smart Sleep Monitor flows]

24/7 Sleep As Android and Mi Band Sleep monitor

!Work best with Screen On Dialogue flow!

This flow will trigger Sleep Monitor in Sleep as Android App automatically Full Day (24 Hours, Include sleep and nap)

1. Automate
2. Sleep As Android
3. Notify and Fitness for Mi Band

1. In Sleep As Android: Turn On Tasker Plug-in
2. In Notify and Fitness for Mi Band: Turn On Sleep As Android Plug-in, Set Sleep Monitor version as 4.7, Turn On Analyze All Day Option
3. Run This Flow

Ver. 1: Build the simple flow
Ver. 2: The sleep tracking will start when your phone screen is off. If the screen is still on, the sleep tracking will be postponed.
Ver. 3: fix the sleep tracking when screen is on

If you can make an android app, interested with this kind of Idea, or have any other idea, please contact me. Let's discuss any idea and spread across the world!

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