📲 Reply to caller if phone is on Silent

by Chester hansel Duco

Version 1 (November 24, 2019)

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Have you ever missed an emergency-call cause your phone was on silent? But there are times we really want to silent our phones!

This flow automatically texts your caller after missing his/her call, if your phone is on Silent, and allows your caller to unsilent your phone in case its an emergency.

•With AI-like conditional responses
•With verification (verification by your first name) to filter unrecognized calls

"Hi I'm Jarvis AI assistant. His phone is currently on silent. He may be doing something important. Is this an emergency?"

"I can unsilent his phone if you want to"

"Verification question. What is his first name?"

"I have set the ringer mode from silent to normal. Thank you and you're very welcome"

By: Chester Hansel Duco

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