Check and set alarm by one tap

by zakky cyclist

Version 1 (December 2, 2019)

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When you turn on airplane mode in certain time, you can check your next alarm and turn off screen automatically. Of course, you can change it by one tap.

But, why you have to turn on airplane mode?

I heard that you should turn on airplane mode when you are sleeping, because it's not so good for your brain. And you don't want to interrupt your sleep with annoying notification sounds ,don't you?

But ,if you want to operate airplane mode automatically, you are required rooted device. So I came up with the idea that make airplane mode button to be trigger!

So, things you have to do before you go to the bed is to tap airplane mode, and confirm next alarm time in the pop-up dialog. If it's ok, choose"yes" and screen will turn off. If you want to change it, choose"change "and clock app will start. After you changed next alarm, pop-up will appear again.

You can change
•when flow starts and its duration
•alarm volume

And you have to check
•your time zone

I'm sorry for my poor English and I'm a beginner of this app, so if there's a trouble, please tell me.

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