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by M S.

Version 2 (December 19, 2019)

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░░❌No root❌░░
🔱Need premium🔱
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
Only need to configure once, you can change the settings afterwards if you want.
📍To use mail function, go in editor and go a bit to the left. And edit block's: "2152" and "2255".📍

If you find any personal information about me, please report it to me, thanks! (this is my first flow I made thanks for you feedback).

This is a completely personalized "find my phone menu" if you send a specific and personalized message with any other phone it will send a sms with a menu. Then you just need to sent the number of your action, it will ask a password (that you defined on your phone) after this it will launch your action (ring phone, send location or send a picture to the phone that launched the action.

🔹🔶[+500 blocks] 🔶🔹
✔️With a GUI
✔️Find phone (localisation)🗺️
✔️Ring phone (without calling and at max volume) 🎶📲
✔️Send pictures 🖼️📲 (on email if connected to internet and/or send mms)
[✔️with flashlight (can be desactivated if you want)] 🔦📲
[✔️with notification (can be desactivated).]🔔📲
[✔️with vibration (can be desactivated if you want)]
✔️With password /safe [cripted] 🔒🛡️
✔️With personal ring tones

*Sorry for any bad spellings, it took a lot of time to made and not every text is perfectly adapted but everything works perfectly, if you have any issues please report it to me thanks*

🙋‍♂️Last note I know a lot of the parts could be a lot shorter 😅 but I made 3versions of this on the past but with less options and without posting them, have fun using these

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