👻 Ghost Detector (Auto Pic, EMF reader)

by Chester hansel Duco

Version 4 (December 18, 2019)

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•Possibly could potentially detect paranormal activities (if you believe enough)
•Automatically takes picture with flash from front and back (so you can have a selfie with the ghost)
•Works well with teenage ghost hunters
•Also beeps continuously as the reading spikes (so you know when to start and stop running)

How it works
•Reads the average magnetic field of the surroundings (EMF)
•Continuosly Beeps when spikes in the avg EMF is detected (>40%)
•Slowly stops beeping as it gets used to the new avg magnetic field reading
•Also automatically takes pictures with flash front and back
•With simple scripts to avoid false detections.

(The initial draft takes into account the atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature but i thought not all phones have that so i took it away)

By: Chester Duco

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