Instagram AutoCommenteršŸ˜Ž

by Thomas DD

Version 2 (October 8, 2020)

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Did you find a giveaway on Instagram?
Do you want to make a lot of comments for better chances?
Do you just want to spam someone?
AutoCommenter does just that!

Step 1: Open instagram and go to the photo you want to comment and tap on the comment so the keyboard comes up then go back to the AutoCommenter and start it.
Step 2: After you start it, you'll be asked to type your comment or use the old one if you have used it again!
Step 3: Chill and let your phone keep going!

The set time is 1 comment every 30 seconds so you don't get a ban. After about 130 comments you get band from commenting for a while just hit help on the message that Instagram shows and after a while you are good to go again!
Oh there is a counter too so you know how many comments you have made!
Note!!! If it doesn't work you may have to change the click location it works with percentage so just tinker a little with it and you'll get it !

This is my first flow!
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