a universal car connectivity handler

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Version 1 (December 26, 2019)

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pro required. can recommend.
no customization within flow necessary. so best to use if you have to set up electronica for your family during the holidays.

autoplay music on bluetooth connection to car device. saves and reapplies volume before and after connection while using a default volume on connection.

if connected to car and being charged car mode will be activated. (manual deactivation though)

option to send message to beloved one if connecting to bt.
define home, applicable weekdays and timeframe to having the sms sent on returning home only. accoustic confirmation for sent sms. carrier fees may apply.

you will be guided through the setup process. settings will be saved in atomic storage and lost if the flow is changed. on every start of the flow you can decide whether to proceed with, or change the stored settings. on the end of the setup there is a chance of copying the data as json.

there is also an expert setup where a json-object can be inserted directly.

consider automatizing bt enabling as well e.g. with 'a daily routine bluetooth handler'.

consists of 56, hopefully clearly arranged blocks of
- setup
- processing values for display
- connection handling

mildly interesting fact: 77% of the blocks are for the setup. 23% of the blocks perform the task with provided values that could as well be set hard.

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