Awake for Wi-Fi (bugfixed)

by Rps-verni S

Version 1 (March 5, 2016)

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Add Wi-Fi access points (AP) to a preferred AP list. Then polls Wi-Fi throughput every second when screen is turned off. When throughput is less than 10KB/s, Wi-Fi is disabled and flow pauses until screen is turned on.

When screen is turned back on, Wi-Fi is re-enabled and the nearest AP from the list is connected. If none are entered into the list, it connects to the nearest open W-iFi AP.

If screen is turned back on before throughput falls below 10KB/s, the WiFi throughput check is cancelled and the flow pauses until screen is turned back off.

Screen Off: When WiFi throughput is less than 10KB/s WiFi is disabled.

Screen On: Throughput < 10KBs?
No - Cancels throughput check and awaits screen off again.
Yes - Enables WiFi and automatically connects to nearest AP entered into preferred AP list. If none is added, connected to nearest open AP.

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