Battery Control v0.2 Beta

by Hyago Martins

Version 2 (December 29, 2019)

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30 blocks. Triggers alarm when battery charge is outside set limits. Preset between 25% and 80% to prevent battery overload and over-discharge, and extend its lifespan.
⚠️Requires Android version:
4.1+ | Notifications action buttons
4.4+ | Use Android's default timer

▪Minimum Level setting (10~40%)
▪Maximum Level setting (70~100%)
▪Keeps notification during active monitoring
▪Notification with Stop option (stops without open Automate) and Reset Limits (without exiting flow)
▪When battery level reaches the min or max levels, the alarm triggers every 4 min until the charger is connected or removed. Then, the flow monitors again
▪Alarm triggers Android's default timer if screen is off

—— CUSTOM SETTINGS on blocks
▪Block 09 > Alarm retry interval
▪Block 05 > Min Level limit: Default value, Setting range, Dialog timeout
▪Block 11 > Max Level limit: Default value, Setting range, Dialog timeout
▪Block 08 > To disable the Timer on screen off, clear duration (not even 00:00:00)

▪The YES outputs of blocks 30 and 31, which return to block 06, should instead pass a Fiber Stop block (Fiber URI "fChargeReminder") to avoid possible fork parallel execution failure.
We have suppressed this block for the Automate free version allows running the flow.

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